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MGL Work Cont.

2011-03-14 00:05:51 by girzim21

Well Its been going rather well so far got a basic story for the first episode. Just a few more thing to add and what not. Might expect a release next month hopefully. Several new additions including a few new faces, and a preloader. As of this update the backgrounds and art work are done for the most part, now its just a matter of adding the rest of the animation as well as the voicing.

MGL Work Cont.


2011-02-13 05:20:58 by girzim21

New update on the MGL Flash hopefully everyone likes the new format, granted its not done yet :p

Update on the flash

2011-01-27 03:41:24 by girzim21

flash project is still alive and ive been doing an overhaul on all the art work and background no flash updates most likely untill the first episode is finish. might post a few art updates to all those who care or not.

Current Flash work

2011-01-14 21:20:36 by girzim21

As far as my flashes go yes none are super great yet. I will be improving them a lot just a matter of getting the time to do so. I'm going to be making a spoof of mgs3 first, then from there making a flash of mgl a semi spoof of the mgs series. Any suggestions other than improve your flash or don't suck will be appreicated. Now let the trolling, and the you suck comments begin!

Flash Update

2011-01-01 04:44:37 by girzim21

Just a word on the progress of the Flash finishing up the talking animation, and a few more things here and there. New music coming with next release not so sure when thats going to be yet. Just finishing up the title screen also i'll try to post a picture of it asap.

First Flash Atempt

2010-12-24 05:01:49 by girzim21

Hopefully a few people like my first try at making a flash. I know its not so great, but this is only the first part to it. I am planning on making some sort of Flash toon. comic, spoof, etc. Still in the planning stages more to come!